We work continually to achieve the highest level of compliance possible.

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We initialize new compliance procedures for global-minded organizations.

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22 hours ago
If you thought #GDPR was cumbersome, just wait until Strong Customer Authentication is enforced this Fall... https://t.co/IYzrLjjQ3v
3 days ago
Canada is finally looking to update #PIPEDA and a new digital strategy https://t.co/ngtO3Hlg5U
3 days ago
If you’re looking for real protection, you need to focus on data, not devices.... https://t.co/9bGQY2xL6w
4 days ago
Despite #GDPR being enforced for almost a year, ad tech is still falling short. https://t.co/wn9vL7FIA2
1 week ago
If you think #GDPR hasn't affected companies in the United States, guess again! https://t.co/w1YdKBJZ44



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