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We initialize new compliance procedures for global-minded organizations.

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4 days ago
Hard to believe it's convention season already! I'll be speaking next month at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on how #GDPR and other legislations affect the tourism industry. #TheSpecialEvent #CaterSource https://t.co/OrX7TD9gvA
6 days ago
How are we supposed to trust the world’s largest ollectivez when they are hiding data breaches? #GDPR #DataBreach #UnitedNations https://t.co/n8vAUkN5Oz
2 weeks ago
You thought online dating was hard? Now you have to worry about your data, too! https://t.co/v8DOfDfqlT
4 weeks ago
The latest @Microsoft breach is a sobering reminder that companies of any size can get hacked, even with the latest technology. https://t.co/x7k8VAxw1j



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