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We initialize new compliance procedures for global-minded organizations.

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1 week ago
Ireland’s first big decision as relates to U.S. multinational companies since GDPR went into effect should be out before the end of the year. #GDPR https://t.co/ex12YHSzEj
2 weeks ago
Now, not even your food preferences are safe. @DoorDash suffers a massive #databreach https://t.co/snttSrILtf
2 weeks ago
They are called life lessons. And also fortuitous moments. I am very grateful I was able to teach my kids how to change a flat tonight, as opposed to a week from now when we are on our road trip in Utah! #lifelessonshttps://t.co/usGFaZo00Y
3 weeks ago
#TSX roadshows are always informative! I love working with them and I’m grateful they come back every year to continue our education. #tsx #tsxv #roadshow #goingpublic @ Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa https://t.co/8FshaHCXk9
3 weeks ago
This is an unfortunate ruling and exactly the reason why the U.S. needs its own regulations.
4 weeks ago
I’m thrilled to be a part of the first @asu Global Resource Fair with @canazbizcouncil and @sfu among others. What a great way to support the Canada-Arizona relationship! @ Arizona State University https://t.co/lp6coRuc9f



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