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We initialize new compliance procedures for global-minded organizations.

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2 months ago
Happy Easter! I wish everyone a safe and blessed day, no matter where you celebrate or with whom. During these times of isolation, we can still be together in spirit! https://t.co/IVYuIQsEcq HollyMechsner photo
2 months ago
Happy Passover to all our friends celebrating today! https://t.co/knlY0q5F3R HollyMechsner photo
3 months ago
Another report advises the US government to get on board with regulations. #CyberSecurity https://t.co/ATiq1Sss8L
3 months ago
If you thought #GDPR was confusing, just wait until you dive into the #CCPA requirements. https://t.co/HgKBPFEcZM
3 months ago
Do you think our regulations will ever catch up to the fast-paced world of technology? https://t.co/IK3aL8lU50



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