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1 week ago
Wishing all my Canadian friends a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! https://t.co/ML4HxGeF2V HollyMechsner photo
2 months ago
As we work our way through another year of high-profile cyber attacks, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon CEOs, among others, meet at the White House to discuss cybersecurity challenges. https://t.co/vI3UPGOwvJ
2 months ago
Cyber attacks like this one at @TMobile are increasingly common these days and the question isn't if, so much as when, it will happen. Is your company prepared? #databreach @cyberattack #cybersecurity https://t.co/FQjq0XJNQC
3 months ago
New Federal Data Privacy Legislation has been proposed. Do you think this one will stick? https://t.co/CqcuZU5PxR
3 months ago
This is a big win for the "right to be forgotten" in Canada. Let's see if #PIPEDA can keep this moving forward! https://t.co/4o6GxTVlSk
3 months ago
There should be no leeway for companies with known security flaws who refused to fix them. https://t.co/NFesnzQSy4



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