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Helping your company meet your data protection objectives on a global scale. Whether your goal is to update an existing platform or execute a brand-new compliance solution, we are here for you.

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Data protection policies help safeguard every business. We specialize in creating solutions that fully encompass your company's privacy goals.

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At Global Executive Compliance

our passionate mission is to ensure our clients around the world are protecting their company data and are fully prepared in the event of a data breach. We are committed to going above and beyond to ensure your company is safeguarded by putting best policies and practices in place. We pledge, to EXCEED your expectations.

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State and Federal regulations are changing quickly and many businesses and multinational organizations are still behind the compliance curve. We’ve all seen the latest data breaches in the news; don't let your company become another statistic.



 Global Executive Compliance offers customized data protection services and solutions to fit any business. We can rapidly assess compliance readiness and any risk posed to your organization. 

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We implement processes to help you make improvements. The world of compliance changes quickly and our ability to analyze areas of opportunity allows companies to quickly achieve compliance.

Meet The Founder & CEO

 Holly Estrada Mechsner

Holly Estrada Mechsner is an international business executive who has lived in Arizona almost 30 years. She is the Founder and CEO of Global Executive Compliance, a privately held firm that operates on a global scale creating new compliance solutions for international companies, as well as updating existing platforms. Their mission is to foster trust while reducing risk.

Holly is an international executive with a broad background in corporate finance, management, marketing, business consulting and is a global data compliance professional. 

As a consultant, she assesses, recommends and creates an overall data compliance plan, including updating existing platforms for small to mid-size companies. 

Ms. Mechsner is also an established public speaker. As a privacy professional, she primarily gives speeches about data privacy and compliance.

She is also a singer and songwriter and performs at events, including the Arizona Coyotes home games.

She speaks German and Spanish and volunteers for the Boy Scouts of America, Phoenix Rescue Mission, and Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue. Mechsner currently resides with her family and rescued Dobermans in Arizona.

Mechsner’s dynamic mix of global experience, management and people skills,  as well as her solid business sense have made her a

highly reputable leader both locally and internationally.

She earned the industry's designations of CIPM with International Association of Privacy Professionals and EU General Data Protection Regulation Practitioner to further expand her knowledge and expertise.

Her extensive background varies from start-ups to international companies, which led her to her current position as Founder and CEO of Global Executive Compliance. 

Global Executive Compliance operates on a global scale and can help your company find their ideal privacy solution, including GDPR compliance.

We specialize in analyzing workflows and determining whether or not your data may be susceptible to a breach.


What is 


Overseen by the Information Commissioner’s Office, the General Data Protection Regulations were enacted in 2016 across the European Union. They were developed to strengthen data protection rights of individuals. Every business needs to be prepared to meet the requirements enforced by these regulations. They cover any EU citizen’s data, regardless of their current country of residence. 

Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM®) 

The CIPM designation says that you’re a leader in privacy program administration and that you've got the goods to establish, maintain and manage a privacy program across all stages of its life cycle. It’s issued through the International Association of Privacy Professionals

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