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6 days ago
Will new SCCs be enough to cover data transfers to the U.S. until a new Privacy Shield comes out? https://t.co/Sw041DkQ8u
2 weeks ago
As a board member of the @YotesFoundation, I am thrilled to be participating in the telethon tonight! Tune in and donate to support @PhxChildrens and all the wonderful work they do! https://t.co/gGdfm2Q7uF HollyMechsner photo
2 weeks ago
U.S. citizens don't have a lot of say over our information that's tracked. Thank you, Apple, for taking the lead on the opt-out option! https://t.co/D0Itz5j9b4
2 weeks ago
No Privacy Shield? No problem! (Not really) It's important to stay compliant no matter what! https://t.co/4NcqQ2TQBS
4 weeks ago
In WIRED UK, Dr. @grok_ takes on AI and asks if robots are mechanical partners or adversaries. Our insistence to view robots as humans, not animals, ranges from robotic jockeys to patent office clerks, and how well humans may (not) adapt to AI technology. https://t.co/ugmufH8jEC
4 weeks ago
Will rulings on big tech help the small fries or is it just a symbolic gesture? https://t.co/DM02iJrRZG



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